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TweetDeck Sold to Twitter


Assistly Sold to Salesforce

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Hello World is a Detroit-based Venture Capital firm. We invests in people, not companies. We look for entrepreneurs that never take ‘no’ for an answer, entrepreneurs that have a “Rocky” type mentality, and are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful. The founders of Hello World have started successful companies in the past, and know the gritty, hungry, scrappy characteristics it takes to build something that will impact the world.

Early Tech Startups

Hello World partners with and deploys capital to early-stage, market disrupting technology companies. Our goal is to build the next generation of market leaders in the technology industry.

$25-125k Funding

Hello World has a target investment range of $25-$125k. Hello world not only looks to provide capital, but also the guidance and connections that can help take an early stage company to the next level. The Hello World team is based in Detroit, and is comprised of successful entrepreneurs with diverse past experiences hungry to help early stage tech companies grow and prosper.

Global Outlook

Furthermore, Hello World VC exhibits an affinity for startups with sights set on revolutionizing our world-at-large. Hello World entrepreneurs move mountains by altering the landscape of industries, and deliver and execute at prodigious scopes.

Detroit-Raised Techies

This is our blood; our identity; our calling. We're proven entrepreneurs, ourselves, and have been through the ringer a few too many times. Our team is here to empathize with you and your cause - to patch your wings while you're trying to fly. Our prior experience and hands-on approach will make us soar.

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